Mark, Katie, Abbie, and Sarah Collins

Mark Collins

  • Favorite Verse: Ecc 12:13-14
  • Favorite Hymn: “How Great Thou Art”
  • Serving as: Visitation team. I will also seek to sing more specials
  • What I appreciate most about Manchester: I feel this church is allowing itself to be directied by God and not for the desires of its members. Whatever the result, that is our duty.
  • Testimony:“To be brief, I was saved at a young age. In spite of the conviction I felt, I walked my own path for over 20 years. By God’s grace, He kept me safe despite my destuctive behavior. I slowly began going to church again in my late 20’s but really felt the Holy Spirit working on my heart when I found out Katie was pregnant with Abbie. I knew then I had to get my life right. If God should allow me to walk through the valley, and He lifted me on the other side, He must have a path in mind for me. I try everyday to commit myself to Him.”

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