Our Church

Our Church

  • Mary Ann and Melanie Porter

    Mary Ann and Melanie Porter

    Melanie Porter

    • Favorite Verse: James 4:14
    • Favorite Hymn: “I’ll Fly Away”
    • Serving as: nursery worker and sound board operator
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: The Word of God is preached from the Bible.
    • Testimony:“God blessed me with Christian grandparents. They provided transportation for my mom and I to get to church. When I was around the age of 11, I said a prayer of Salvation and was baptized. Unfortunately, I didn’t really understand what I had done. In 1994, the plan of Salvation was explained to me. It was then I understood I was a sinner and needed Jesus in my heart to cleanse me of my sins. I accept Him as my Savior and was again baptized. God has blessed me in so many ways. I have a loving family, good health, a job, and a Bible teaching and preaching church.”

    Mary Ann Porter

    • Favorite Verse: Phil. 4:19
    • Favorite Hymn: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
    • Serving as: Sunday school teacher, kitchen and baptismal committee, and church chaperon
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: The teaching and preaching of God’s Word straight from the Bible. I enjoy being with our church family in worshiping and praising our LORD.
    • Testimony:“I have always loved going to church and to Sunday school. Every change I got, I would go. I don’t remember hearing the plan of Salvation while I was growing up. When I was in my mid-twenties, God sent a couple of men who worked on the bus ministry at Calvary Baptist Church to our home. They invited us to attend church. The following Sunday, Wayne and I caught the bus and went to Calvary Baptist Church. God spoke to my heart that I needed Him to save me. He wanted me to go forward and confess that I am a sinner and I needed to get my life right with Him. I accepted Christ that day on May 28, 1972. I was baptized by Pastor Thomas Farmer. We moved from the city of Richmond to Chesterfield County. We had to quit going to Calvary because there was no bus ministry where we moved. My mother and father-in-law invited us to come to Manchester with them. On April 18, 1983, Melanie and I visited Manchester Baptist Church and we have been here since that day. I feel so blessed by how God has worked in the lives of my family here at Manchester. Melanie was saved and baptized, Wayne and Kim were baptized together. Wayne was called into the ministry. He served as Pastor Jarrell’s Assistant Pastor for many years. He became the pastor when God called Pastor Jarrell home in July of 2001. What a mighty God we serve!”

    Maryann Porter went to be with the Lord on 3/10/16

  • Pastor Wayne, Kim, and Katelyn Porter

    Pastor Wayne, Kim, and Katelyn Porter

    Pastor Wayne Porter

    • Favorite Verse: Philippians 1:6
    • Favorite Hymn: “It Will Be Worth It All”
    • Serving as:Pastor of the flock
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: I have been involved at Manchester Baptist Church for over twenty-two years. I have served as the youth pastor, assistant pastor, and nine years as senior pastor. My favorite part about being involved at Manchester Baptist all these years is a sense that there has been a true effort to remain committed to the truth that is found in the Holy Scriptures.
    • Testimony:“I prayed to receive Christ as my saviour when I was a first grade student at Warwick Christian School. I rededicated my life to the Lord at Manchester Baptist Church in 1989. In lieau of the fact that I was saved in a Christian School, I had not been Scriptually baptized. After rededicating my life to Christ I was convicted of my need for baptism. In the summer of 1992, I surrendered my life to a leadership role in the work of the Lord and went to Atlantic Baptist Bible College. After our former pastor was called home to be with the Lord in the summer of 2001 the church called me to serve as their senior pastor.”

    Kim Porter

    • Favorite Verse:Romans 8:28
    • Favorite Hymn:“I’d Rather Have Jesus” and “Something Beautiful”
    • Serving as:Prayer warrior, visitation team, Sunday school teacher, nursery coordinator, Preschool Children’s church worker, church secretary and treasurer
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester:The thing I appreciate and enjoy the most in attending Manchester Baptist Chruch is being under the Word of God through a pastor at the pulpit with a humble heart, desiring to glorify the Lord rather than make compromises with the world. I appreciate Pastor Wayne’s view of a successful church. Having a congregation with a spirit of unity in honoring God with yielded hearts that are burdened for the lost who are willing to reach out and be used of God in following His perfect Will. This brings God glory and this is the purpose of the New Testament church. Pastor Wayne also places strong emphasis on missions and evangelism around the world.
    • Testimony:“I was saved and baptized at the age of eight at Hollins Road Baptist Church in Roanoke, Va. During my teenage years, I struggled to live my life for the Lord. This struggle led me to doubt my salvation. Through counseling and prayer with my pastor, I realized that I was saved, but was in need of rededicating my life to the Lord. I praise the Lord for His protection, grace, and mercy that only He could extend to me during and through those difficult teenage years filled with tough trials and spiritual battles. Although I struggled in my walk with the Lord as a teenager, I always felt that one day He was going to use me for His special purpose and plan.

      In 1988, the Lord answered a special prayer that I had prayed in request for a special friend. Little did I know then that this special friend was soon going to be my best friend and life’s partner. Wayne Porter and I were married on May 12 1990 at Manchester Baptist Church under the ministry of Roger W. Jarrell. Roger Jarrell was like a father to me. He was a faithful preacher of God’s Word. The Lord used Pastor Jarrell and his wife Pat Jarrell, to be wonderful mentors to Wayne and I both.

      Through the preaching of the Word of God, and the precious working of the Holy Spirit, the Lord began a great work in my life. I am truly grateful for a wonderful Savior Who loves me in spite of my past failures and struggles to live completely for Him. In the hymn “Something Beautiful”, it is true of my life, in that all I had to offer Him was a broken-ness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life. The Lord revealed His purpose and plan for my life. I’m currently serving in various areas of ministry here at Manchester. I do realize the most important ministry I have is being a prayer warrior and source of encouragement and support to my husband as he leads Manchester Baptist Chruch under the leadership of Jesus Christ.

      I am currently working to receive a degree in Christian counseling to help in ministering to those who are hurting and need guidance and encouragement in their walk with the Lord. People need to know that their only hope is to trust in Jesus to see them though their trials, so they too can say that all they had to offer Him was broken-ness and strife, but He made Something Beautiful our of their lives.”

    Katelyn Porter

    • Favorite Verse:Amos 3:3
    • Favorite Hymn:“Nothing but the Blood”
    • Serving as:Prayer warrior, nursery worker, and occasional piano player
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester:I like to serve Jesus.
    • Testimony:“In the summer of 2002, I was 4 years old. I heard my dad preach a message. I had questions so I asked my mom and she led me to the Lord, and now I am a Christian.”
  • mitten

    Charles Mitten

    Charles W. Mitten

    • Favorite Verse: John 3:16
    • Favorite Hymn: “The Old Rugged Cross”
    • Serving as: usher
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: Our pastors past and present and the members I see each week.
    • Testimony:“The Lord has given me the ability to deal with situations such as deaths, sicknesses, and family problems. Many people have asked me why don’t I move to a bigger church. It’s not the size of the church, but the people in it, and the dedicated pastors I have had during my more than 35 years at Manchester. I have learned much and continue to learn each week.”
  • josh

    Josh, Emily, and Julianna Gregory

    Josh Gregory

    • Favorite Verse: John 3:16
    • Favorite Hymn: “I’d Rather Have Jesus”
    • Serving as: visitation team, grounds and maintenance committee, usher
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: The closeness of members and the continual focus on getting the Word preached and seeing souls saved, and especially not concerned about building a bigger church building or how many people attend.
    • Testimony:“I was saved when I was 6, then I backslid for a number of years. I attended many churches, but never felt that I truly belonged. I praise the Lord that He led me to Manchester. He has blessed me with my job and home. I pray that He will continue to use me in furthering His plan.
  • mark

    Mark, Katie, Abbie, and Sarah Collins

    Mark Collins

    • Favorite Verse: Ecc 12:13-14
    • Favorite Hymn: “How Great Thou Art”
    • Serving as: Visitation team. I will also seek to sing more specials
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: I feel this church is allowing itself to be directied by God and not for the desires of its members. Whatever the result, that is our duty.
    • Testimony:“To be brief, I was saved at a young age. In spite of the conviction I felt, I walked my own path for over 20 years. By God’s grace, He kept me safe despite my destuctive behavior. I slowly began going to church again in my late 20’s but really felt the Holy Spirit working on my heart when I found out Katie was pregnant with Abbie. I knew then I had to get my life right. If God should allow me to walk through the valley, and He lifted me on the other side, He must have a path in mind for me. I try everyday to commit myself to Him.”
  • adams

    Sam Adams

    Sam Adams

    • Favorite Verse: 1 Cor. 10:13
    • Favorite Hymn: “He Lives”
    • Serving as: building, grounds, accounting, and baptism committee, advisory board, trustee, and usher
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: The fellowship and that Pastor Wayne is preaching the true Gospel.
    • Testimony:“I was born during the despression, and living on a farm, I didn’t have any way to get to a church. I finally joined a Methodist church when I was nineteen years old. I did not attend very often and soon dropped out. After Estelle and I got married, we joined Manchester Baptist Church. Through the preaching of Pastor Morgan and through the teaching of Sunday school, I learned about the Trinity and Christ’s death and resurrection for our sins. During the past few years of Estelle and my sickness, I have felt the God has guided us and conforted us. I’ve been attending for 43 years.”

    Estelle Adams

    Estelle Adams

    • Favorite Verse: John 3:16
    • Favorite Hymn: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
    • Serving as:Sunday school teacher for 15 years and accounting committee
    • What I appreciate most about Manchester: The music and the preaching.
    • Testimony:“John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. This verse has helped me to get through life. I have attended for 43 years.”

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